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Camille Styles - How to Design a Beautiful (and Organized!) Bathroom Vanity

mr alex TATE gives the inside scoop on 15 Design-Approved Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Tips! Find out where your curation begins and book a consultation with mr alex TATE today!

Alex Alonso begins his thoughts on bathroom vanity ideas with '"Because the vanity is a hard-working piece of furniture, “purpose and intended use should be the top elements to consider” when choosing one"', and takes us through his brilliant thoughts on interior design.

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Interior Design Ideas & Tips for Your Bathroom Vanity

Think About Storage

A vanity is about explicit things (i.e., looking in the mirror) but it’s also about proper hiding. Alonso says to consider all the storage you’ll need. “In this case, function and design go hand-in-hand,” he adds.

Consider A Classic Look

Chances are, you won’t be updating your vanity often. For this reason, Alonso focuses on vanities with timeless designs that are well-made. “You want to make sure it’s not too specific that you’ll get sick of it after a couple of years. You can never go wrong with clean lines and a solid walnut or oak vanity.”

Maximize Counter Space

Bathroom counter real estate is prime—and always used. Will you need space for essentials and family or roommates’ needs? Alonso reminds us to consider this, always.

Mix And Match

If a bespoke vanity isn’t in the picture, Alonso suggests swapping old hardware for new pieces, which gives it a personalized and updated look.

Go For Closed Cabinetry

Open shelving is beautiful, but it can tend to look messy and unkept in the bathroom. Closed cabinetry keeps small bottles neatly hidden.

Paint For A Refresh

“You can always refinish or repaint, says Alonso. “Many times this is all a cabinet may need […] to look updated and ready for another 10 years.”

Know Your Materials

Teak, marble, concrete, and stone reign in the vanity space these days. Do your research for the material that will best suit your aesthetic and utilitarian needs.

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