a ModVic reality 

the art of fearless curation

i’ve always been drawn to things that were a wee bit different...things with a story to tell. 

i've always embraced a "transitional design" aesthetic.  

as i launched my interior design studio i wanted to tell a story with every room. 

mixing things - old, new, bright, dark…you get the idea. 

it is that process of selecting, of editing, that molds the story into a cohesive narrative.   

so what is ModVic?  

we’re not referring to you your hipster friend, "victor" from wynnwood or silver lake. that'd be silly! 

"ModVic" (short for "Modern Victorian") is our approach to design. an approach that celebrates a passion for the art of the mix. if you familiar with "transitional design" then ModVic is for you.  

ModVic takes the transitional design aesthetic to the bolder side of the spectrum.  

fearlessly curated.  

indulge us for a minute...victorian design (spanning 1830s-1900) grew out of a desire to showcase a more eclectic approach to design - incorporating dark, rich colors, mass produced wallpapers and more iconic elements.  it was a feast for the senses - tactile and visual.  


with ModVic we approach design with a similar approach that looks to the past and the future to create what is now and lasting. so much of good design is predicated on its ability to persist. our ModVic approach creates fresh, exciting spaces that feel familiar yet strikingly unexpected.  

grounded in a passion to curate fearlessly, ModVic is a unique expression of what is truly bespoke about our designs. the collaborative process of creating legacy spaces.